Contribution to the GDP and turnover

GDP: What is the size of the German extractive industry?

In 2018, the gross domestic product ( GDP   ) in Germany amounted to €3,344.4 billion at current prices. According to the World Bank, Germany is thus the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. The gross value added    of the ‘mining and quarrying’ economic sector amounted in 2018 to €3.41 billion, which is equivalent to 0.10% of the GDP.

Turnover: Mining and Quarrying sector

Mining and quarrying sector companies generated a total turnover of around €9.8 billion in 2018. Around €8.5 billion (about 87%) of this sum was attributable to domestic sales and €1.3 billion (about 13%) to foreign sales.

Turnover of the ‘Mining and Quarrying’ sector – divided into sub-sectors 2012-2018

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*Provision of services for mining and quarrying (W08-09) and in the subordinate role of ore mining (WZ08-07), related to companies with 20 and more employees
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